100% Natural

Our job is to oer you a greentinged golden juice called Bíbelo: the authentic extra virgin olive oil.

To obtain the product, we take good care of the olive trees and we transform their fruit into that incomparable olive juice, with a carefully selected coupage of olive varieties that gives rise to an extra virgin oil sure to enrich and make full-bodied any dish you use it on.

But you should know, it is not an easy process to achieve proper Bíbelo. In order to preserve all the natural aromas and the freshness of its fruit, it is necessary not only to cultivate, but also to pass successfully through the process of obtaining the juice.

Only if it was extracted at a low temperature, had the right churning time and went through the processes of natural decanting, will we acknowledge that such EVOO deserves to be in the gastronomic squeeze-bottle.

At the mill, located inside the plantation’s premises, our greatest concern is that all the original aromas of the extra virgin olive oil gourmet selection that we make, reach the gastronomic squeeze-bottle so that it conquers the best palates.


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